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It Took Time - But Marketing Your Business In Vero Beach Is Changing

The same tactics that helped spread the word about your locally-owned business 10 year ago no longer hold the same monopoly they once did. Times have changed, and are beginning to change right here in Vero Beach - it just took a little time to get here.

That's what makes this city so special though, is that you can live a peaceful life near the water without the crushing feeling of the grinding gears that is the modern-day metropolis. However, when it comes to the way people are finding information and shopping and connecting and engaging, Vero Beach is just like any other city - residents use Google, Amazon and social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (and more).

It's important to understand this distinction as a business owner trying to figure out how to market your business in the modern landscape. They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks, but I don't believe that. It just takes time.

Local business owners are figuring out that there are extremely valuable tools at their fingertips and are beginning to utilize those tools in order to stay top of mind. And for business owners who don't have the time for discovery, there are new marketing companies popping up all over the state that offer services to help.

Our approach at Citrus Three is to find our niche as a marketing company - where we feel we can bring clients the most value - and then leave the everything-under-the-sun approach to the others.

We focus primarily on micro-targeted advertising and the data and analytics that comes along with it. If you're trying to make the grass grow, what's the point in watering the sidewalk too? Sounds like a waste of water.

That's our approach to advertising in 2018, to only spend money reaching the people that matter most to your business. And business owners right here in Vero Beach are beginning to catch on.

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