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Six Easy Ways to Build a Better Instagram Page for Your Business

Struggling to get more followers? Not getting any engagement on your posts? Follow these 6 simple steps to help you get that Instagram page rolling.

1. Hashtag strategy: Pound signs, sharp notes, tic-tac-toe boards…call them what you wish, but in 2017 they’re called hashtags. Use them. People routinely search hashtags to find photos and videos they’re interested in. Adding hashtags that pertain to your photos and videos will help the people you want to find you, find you.

2. Like and comment on other users’ photos: Basically, use Instagram. Seek out people that have an interest in what your industry provides. Then, comment and like their posts. "If you like them, they will come." This is a great way to build a following and get entrenched in the Instagram community relating to your field.

3. Complete your bio: Once people get to your page, let them know how to find you elsewhere. Fill it all out. Website, bio, category, email…make it easy for people to get in touch with you.

4. Be consistent: We see this scenario every day. A business doesn’t have a ton of time, but they have content. They post 14 pics in a matter of minutes, then go weeks without posting. #wrong. Trickle your content out. If you have 14 pieces of content, post 2 a day for a week. Then go out and get more content. Your followers’ feeds will have a consistent stream from your profile and will be more likely to check you out. Don’t treat your Instagram page like that Thanksgiving dinner...Spread. It. Out.

5. Tag and geotag: Took a pic of a friend? Tag ‘em. Pic of a business? Tag ‘em. Pic at the beach? Tag it. Tag, tag, tag…This basically throws their label on your content. Their followers will be more likely to see your page and follow it. Tagging can be incredibly beneficial to your page.

6. Candid photos behind the scenes: Another thing we hear every day, “My office is a mess! I don’t want people seeing that!” or “The lighting just wasn’t right for that pic.”…I’m here to tell you none of that matters. People like seeing the behind the scenes content. The REAL content. You’re not a machine running a business (at least I hope not), you’re a real person trying to engage with real people. Tell them your story! Take raw, candid photos and videos and post them. You’ll be surprised at the engagement you spark.

I hope these tips help you build a robust Instagram page and you get more followers than @selenagomez (130 mil). Good luck and if you need any help, don’t hesitate to contact the experts at Citrus Three to give you a hand.

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