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Social Media Marketing 101: Stop Selling

Maybe you've decided it's time for your business to adopt social media into its marketing strategy. You've taken the first step towards leading your business into the current landscape, and that's great news. But now you have to figure out how exactly to navigate that landscape.

This series of articles will help you sharpen those navigation skills while you develop your social media marketing strategy. And just in case you missed the first part of this series, we recommend you go back and read Content Is King.

Now that you know the importance of the kind of content you're going to be posting on social media, we can begin to talk about how you're going to post that content. In last week's article, we touched on the idea that hard selling is the worst thing you can do, and this is an extension of that idea. Because, again, you need to avoid this at all costs.

Millions of people sign on to social media platforms every day in search of stories to connect to, and you need to share your story. All it takes is one thing going viral to change the landscape for a small business. People aren't there to be sold to, so blend in. Provide advice and helpful tips - value - to your current and potential customers.Position your business as the leader in its industry, and when it comes time that somebody needs your services there's only one place they'll go.

If you can adopt this strategy regarding your social media, you should do alright. But if you start hard selling and aren't getting any engagement, you know why.

Stay tuned to Citrus Three for more helpful tips regarding your social media marketing strategy.

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