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Social Media A Valuable Business Tool

When talking to business owners in the surrounding area, a common theme has emerged regarding social media use - most business owners consider using social media more of a nuisance than anything else, and that's a mistake.

Rather than thinking of running your business' social media as a chore, you should be thinking of these platforms as business tools for marketing and growth. Because that's exactly what they are when used correctly, and they can easily generates leads and bring new customers in your door.

Understanding how to use social media in a way that truly benefits your company and its future take a bit of experience, so you either need to set aside some time to try and experiment and figure it out for yourself or you need to hire a consultant to help you. Or you need to shell out some cash every month to let professionals take your social footprint to the next level.

We know there are too many companies that still refuse to accept the obvious power of social media marketing. But there are just as many companies that say they're doing fine with social media but are doing it all wrong. The first question I ask these companies: what exactly are you getting from the time and money you're putting into it? The answer is, of course, "nothing." Again, they think of it as a chore that just needs to be completed, rather than something that can actually generate leads and bring customers in the door. Therefore, with that point of view, I guess they are doing ijust fine with it.

But we're here to bring VALUE to companies we work with, so we're not going to sugar coat. If you're not helping your business grow, what exactly are you doing?

Stay tuned to Citrus Three for more helpful tips and social media marketing advice.

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