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3 Crucial Differences Between Social Media & Traditional Advertising

Social media should be used as a growth tool for your business, no different than any other form of marketing. However, the difference between social media and conventional advertising methods are vast.

Here are the three biggest reasons why you should be building a dynamic social media presence for your business.

1. The targeting abilities on social media are exponentially better

Have you ever placed an ad in the paper and they tell you, “we hit ‘x’ amount of people daily”?…So what? Would you rather pay for reaching 30,000 people, with only 1,000 of those actually being interested in your product, or ONLY pay for reaching the 1,000 people that are interested in your product? It’s much cheaper, and your ad spend goes much further, with the latter.

2. Go where the people are

Cable TV? Dying. Newspapers? Dead. Magazines? What are those?...Everyone in online and nearly everyone is on social media. Facebook just surpassed 236 million monthly active users in the United States, a country which has 146 million registered voters. Also, the average monthly user logs onto Facebook nearly 14 times per day.

3. Data, data, and more data

Would you like to know how many people actually watched your ad on TV? Good luck. Who saw that 1/16 page ad in the paper? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

With social media, though, you can find out EXACTLY how many people have seen the ad. You can also find out how many people have engaged with the ad, have purchased your product through the ad and sooooo much more. This allows us to make changes to the ad midstream if we see something that needs to be adjusted. It also allows us to re-target folks that saw your ad and were on the fence about buying your product, adding an additional nudge that will put them in the “sold” column. We know all of the things, thanks to the data provided by social media platforms.

There you have it. Get ahead of the social media game before your competition gets ahead of you.

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