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Instagram DM Crucial For Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social media marketing is still a young, constantly-evolving tool for businesses - small and large - and if you blink you might just miss the next big thing.

But relax, I've got you covered.

Unless you've had your head under a rock for some time now, you're at least familiar with the fact that Instagram is the second-largest social media platform behind only Facebook. But what you might not realize is how huge Instagram direct messaging can be for your social media marketing strategy.

When marketing your products or services (yes, this works for B2B companies as well), the goal is to connect with a target audience, one that will find interest in what it is that you're selling. Instagram DM makes this very easy, by allowing you to make direct contact with that audience.

You don't go in there to hard sell, though - it's more of a helpful introduction that you'll want to provide. Let them know you exist and offer them some free knowledge.

For example: if you have a specialty candle business and you're looking for little boutiques that want to put your product on their shelves, log on to Instagram and seek out the boutiques you have in mind or search hashtags related to your brand to track down your target audience. Now that you've located your target audience, go ahead and shoot a direct message with some cool, unique facts about your product. If you use certain ingredients for certain reasons, share that. You're not trying to sell your product as much as you're trying introduce your brand.

If you do this every day for the long haul (like all marketing campaigns) you'll see a return on your time and effort. Instagram is just another way to market to your target audience, AND FOR FREE.

Stay tuned to Citrus Three for more helpful marketing tips.

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