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5 Reasons Your Facebook Ads Are Failing

If you're a business owner who has tried and failed at advertising on Facebook, you're not alone. But not all hope is lost.

It's generally a handful of common mistakes that lead to this lack of success. It can be frustrating, we know.

Don't give up just yet, you're so close to generating new leads for your business.

Here are 5 reasons advertising on Facebook might not be working for you and your business.

1.) Your Message Isn't Clear Enough

Anytime you're advertising your message should be clear and concise. If you're trying to sell more than one idea, make more than one ad. Don't make the call to action anymore confusing than it has to be.

2.) Your Audience Isn't Specific Enough

Whenever placing an ad on Facebook, one of the first things you need to consider is your target audience - and how to find them. If you narrow your search down to the smallest of details, your ROI (return on investment) will be much higher than it would be otherwise.

Take the time to define your target audience.

3.) Imagery Is Lacking

Advertising, whether on Facebook or on a billboard, is all about one thing: catching someone's attention. Without the right imagery this won't happen.

Make sure your imagery matches your message, but more importantly make sure it can catch someone's attention. Stand out from the rest. Use black and white photos, use all lower-case numbers; do anything you can do to make somebody stop and take a second look.

4.) You're Being Too Spammy

People aren't on Facebook to be sold to, so you have to tread lightly if you want your advertising to succeed on such a social platform. That means doing less hard selling and being less spammy.

The best way to do this is to provide something for FREE, whether helpful tips, advice, etc. Yes, I said for free. Helpful advice is where you begin to build a relationship with the consumer, and in return that relationship leads to more business.

5.) You're Not Using A Landing Page

When deciding where you want to send somebody that clicks on your ad, you should think no further than a landing page.

A landing page is your best option when looking for conversions. You can tailor your landing page to fit whatever it is that you're trying to advertise. It's essentially a giant advertisement with a specific call to action.

If you've attempted to advertise on Facebook and have made any of these common mistakes, this is likely part of your problem.


We at Citrus Three hope this information will help you as you look to market your business on the largest social media network in the world. Get Social!

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