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Does Your Company's Marketing Strategy Make Sense For 2018?

If you're a business owner, the first thing you need to ask yourself - as 2017 comes to an end - is whether or not your company's marketing strategy makes sense in 2018.

Before you can answer that question, though, it's important to understand how people are gathering information in today's world. Without beating a dead horse and throwing numbers at you that you've probably already seen, let's perform a little experiment. The next time you're in a public place take a second to pause and look around to see what the people around you are doing. Or the next time you're watching TV with your family and a commercial comes on. Or the next time your're driving down the road in a packed car.

The answer is probably the same - people are on their phones searching social media platforms for stories to connect with. And as I've said many times: if you're not sharing your story on social media you're missing out.

So, back to 2018. What does your company's marketing strategy look like moving forward?

While a well-balanced attack is usually a good thing, it's also important to make sure your pieces are in the right position to optimize your outcome. With that being said, how are you positioning your marketing pieces for the coming year? How much trust are you putting in each avenue to reach your target audience and help bring new customers in the door, increasing revenue?

If the first words that come to mind aren't "social media," you need to reassess your strategy. There's no better way to reach an audience in today's world than through social media.

Don't put too much trust and money into advertising on TV when, every time a commercial comes on, people are just looking down at their phones. Don't put so much trust and money into advertising on the radio when most passengers just spent time looking at their phone. And don't put too much trust and money into advertising in the newspaper when people get their news online.

Put that trust and money into the avenue that is stealing attention away from all the others: social media. Get social in 2018; don't continue to let your business fall behind.

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