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Social Media Marketing: You Get What You Pay For

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We've all heard the adage "you get what you pay for," yet so many business owners ignore this general truth in regards to their marketing strategy.

As social media continues to grow in importance to marketing strategies around the world, many business owners are still looking for shortcuts or miraculous deals to solve their problems and help bring them into the modern landscape. But, like most things in life, shortcuts don't exist, and miraculous deals won't bring true value to your business.

It's the Walmart debate. Sure, you can shop there and find just about anything you need at a discounted price - which can be very convenient - but you know in doing so that you are sacrificing quality for said convenience. But why would you do that to your business, something you want to thrive for the foreseeable future? Convenience is not nearly as important as quality when trying to build and maintain a business, not if you want to establish a brand that will last.

So if you're like many business owners out there looking for a social media marketing solution, whether that's advertising, content creation or just social media management, make sure to avoid the (non-existent) shortcuts and the (too-good-to-be-true) deals of a century and look for someone that truly specializes in what it is you're looking for.

There are plenty of businesses out there that offer everything under the sun,but you want one that can bring real value to your company.

We at Citrus Three, a social media marketing firm located in Vero Beach, built our own website, do our own SEO and Google PPC - quite well, I might add - but we don't offer these things to our clients. We prefer to handle only their social media marketing needs - something we specialize in - and then recommend other businesses in the area that can provide them the most value for their web design, SEO and Google PPC needs.

Could we offer these things? Absolutely. But we'd rather our clients to get the best service they can get, and that's by avoiding the idea of convenience.

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